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Villa Vitali in Bellagio is a refined and elegant location
where you can spend an exclusive holiday
with a sense of relax and beauty.
This elegant villa is divided in five modern apartments for rent
with every comfort will give you unique emotions.

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The beautiful garden, fine decorated with flowers and plants setting of rare beauty, completes the charm of this holiday home, few minutes from the center of Bellagio, near the shores of Lake of Como.
Villa Vitali is surrounded by flowers, centuries-old plants, fruit trees and a beautiful olive grove that each year guarantees the production of a refined oil.
Family holidays at Villa Vitali in Bellagio are beautiful because adults and children can relax and enjoy outdoor activities. In the large and well-kept garden there is a play area for children. There is also a swimming pool and around it a relax area with deckchairs. To assure you real moments of relax we take care of every detail: along the perimeter of our garden there is a special mosquito control system that at dawn and sunset nebulizes a substance (absolutely harmless for people) and guarantees to keep away annoying insects.



In Bellagio, overlooking the Lake of Como, there is a holiday home of great charm and elegance: Villa Vitali.
The 19th century building has been recently restored in 5 beautiful apartments for families, travelers and tourists.




The so-called ``triangolo lariano`` on Lake Como is among the most extraordinary and appreciated areas of the world. Just where the branch of Lecco meets that of Como and both join with the one that point to Switzerland, there are three of the most beautiful villages of the Como lake. Menaggio, on the western shore, Varenna on the eastern and Bellagio, on the peninsula in its geographic heart. For a long time, for its exclusive beauty, Bellagio was destination for emperors, writers, artists and nobles. Known as the ``Pearl`` of Lake Como, Bellagio boasts an enchanting historical town center along with beautiful villas, historic buildings and wonderful gardens.

Walk through the borgo of Bellagio, where you can admire ancient homes, beautiful lanes and staircases and colorful shops with high quality italian products. Enjoy one of the fabulous local ice-creams full of flavors and colors or an intense and irresistible italian coffee. The climate is mild, ideal for a relaxing holiday or for practicing various sports like kayaking and other water sports or hiking enjoying the scenery panorama of Lake Como. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful Lake Como Villas like Villa Melzi, Villa Balbianello or Villa Carlotta. Bellagio is definitely the best choice for your holidays on Lake Como!



In Bellagio, overlooking the Lake of Como, there is a holiday home of great charm and elegance:
Villa Vitali.
The 19th century building has been recently restored to its former splendor and can make available for rent beautiful apartments for families, travelers and tourists.

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